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My Birth Plan, like so many other moms, was reflective of my strong beliefs in birthing, and very much set in stone during my pregnancy. Along with a vaginal birth, I wanted:

  • to use Hypnobabies as my pain management method
  • no medical interventions, including epidural, gas or morphine
  • no induction
  • no continued fetal monitoring
  • no assisted delivery methods like forceps or vacuum

To make a long story short – I ended up doing almost all the items I said I wouldn’t do on this list. For those of you who know me, you know how strongly I felt about having a non-medically intervened birth. But after many hours in labour, my willpower gave out.

I felt a lot of guilt after the birth. I felt guilty that I put myself and my baby at a higher risk with all these extra interventions. I felt like I failed myself by not sticking to my beliefs. I felt ashamed that I couldn’t hack labouring with Hypnobabies.

As a few weeks passed since giving birth, I realized that I had become my own worst enemy and judge – turns out no one else cared whether or not I had an epidural, or if I needed a vacuum to get my son out. Not even my husband. It was only me that cared. It wasn’t until I believed that, that I was able to accept the choices I made during labour.

If you don’t experience your dream birthing because you didn’t get to follow your birth plan – let it go. I know that if I have another child, I should just go with the flow. If I can go unmedicated, at home in my bedroom, that would be amazing. If I need to go to the hospital and get that epidural, so be it. The most important thing is that your baby is born healthy, and everything else will quickly become a distant memory.

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