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If you’re anything like me, “cloth diapers” brought images of cheese cloth and safety pins to my mind. I was incredibly surprised to discover that cloth diapers have come a long way since our parents’ era.

Making the decision to cloth diaper (or CD) was a pretty easy one. I almost immediately knew that I wanted to CD when I learned of all the benefits and the modern options that are out there. If you are considering cloth diapering—this post is for you.

1// Cost

There are a lot of numbers published out there (like here and here) that talk about the cost of diapering your kiddo during their first few years. To put it in short, you will likely spend at least twice the amount on disposable diapers than on cloth diapers. And if you’re into eco brands, the number will be even higher (of course, within cloth diapering itself there are different price points too, so you’ll need to do some research and bargain hunting to make them fit into your budget).

The cost downside to cloth diapering is that you have to pay the cash up front to build  your stash. With disposables, you buy them as you need them, so the impact on your wallet is not as sudden. However—cloth diapers also retain a value. If you take care of your diapers, there’s a whole community of mamas who will buy your used diapers when you’re done with them! How’s that for saving money?

2// Environmental Impact

When I say environmental, I am mostly talking about landfill. According to Environment Canada, over 4 million disposable diapers are used each day. In my city, disposable diapers can be thrown into the organic green bin, but that can be deceiving; some sources claim that disposable diapers take up to 500 years to decompose. It’s also believed that the process of manufacturing disposables creates a lot more pollution and toxic waste than that to make cloth diapers.

Another great thing with CD is that your baby’s poop is going to where it should: down the toilet. Disposables are tossed with the poop inside, so you can imagine how much human waste is in that landfill along with the garbage itself.

Inevitably, diapering is going to leave some sort of a footprint. I decided that I’d go with the one that leaves a smaller footprint.

3// Comfort and Health

I think most people would prefer to wear underwear made of fabric and not of paper. Why wouldn’t a baby want the same? Maybe it’s just me, but a highly absorbent disposable diaper with plastics and chemicals just doesn’t scream comfort.

Cloth diapers are breathable and soft, and all this contributes to the comfort of a baby’s bum. Many parents who deal with diaper rashes switch over to cloth to eliminate the problem.

4// Potty Training

This may not be common knowledge, but it has been said that babies in CD will graduate to potty training faster than their sposie-wearing counterparts. Disposable diapers these days are so absorbent and effective in keeping a baby’s bum dry, that your baby doesn’t always know that they need a change. With cloth diapers, babies know that they’re wet—and their discomfort will make them eager to get out of their diapers sooner. Whether or not this is true, I’m willing to take the chance for the possibility.

5// Style

Last but not least, cloth diapers are just freaking adorable. We already find so much joy in all the other baby things we buy: onesies, shoes, toys… why not make diapering fun to shop for too?

There are tonnes of awesome CD companies out there (Kanga CareBum Genius) including many Canadian ones (Bummis, ApplecheeksLil Helper). There are also a bunch of smaller businesses and WAHM (Work At Home Mom) brands that you can only find online or at local boutiques (Sloomb, Love U Sew Much, Mini Moose Diapers). I’ll bet you will spend hours perusing all the patterns and styles for your little monster.

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