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Now that I am about 32 weeks along and approaching the home stretch, I want to share with you what have been the staples in my wardrobe up until now. Guess what? Maternity fashion doesn’t have to be boring. It doesn’t even have to be maternity—I’ve been wearing and buying non-maternity clothing throughout my pregnancy.

As tempting as it is to spend all your money on cute pregnancy clothes, you do have to remember that it’s only a few months where you’ll really need to make adjustments to your fashion choices. So here are the six items that got the most bang for my buck, specifically purchased during my pregnancy.

My maternity wardrobe staples

1 H&M Mama jersey tops
$14.99 CAD at H&M

I am obsessed with this top. It’s a thick, stretchy, comfy cotton jersey with three-quarter length sleeves. It’s longer than normal tops which is really important during pregnancy. Ruching at the waist is great for growing bellies—I bought mine when I was around 4 months pregnant, and still wear it regularly four months later. At $14.99, you can buy one in every colour, and since it’s a basic item in their line, it’s always available with lots of colours and patterns to choose from.

2 Gap Maternity Pure Body lightweight full panel leggings
$34.95 CAD at Gap

There are 3 different pairs of black leggings that I’ve been interchanging during my pregnancy: H&M Mama full panel leggings ($14.99), non-maternity Jean Machine half panel leggings ($19.99) and Gap Maternity full panel leggings ($34.95).  I personally have a hard time spending more than $30 on leggings, so the H&M ones were irresistible at $14.99. However, I wouldn’t buy them again. The elastic waist gets itchy because it doesn’t have a clean finished edge, the material is not very soft and it’s a bit thin/cheap.

The Gap ones are my favourite, hands-down. The full panel has a nice finished edge, and the material is very soft and not see through.

3 Faux fur vest
$59.99 CAD at Dynamite

My faux fur vest has been a nice accessory this past winter. It dresses up a simple top, keeps you warm, and looks extra cute with a baby bump. It’s also great because it doesn’t need to be buttoned/tied up so your stomach can just hang out no matter what the size. You can buy these at loads of retailers—Dynamite had 3 different colours to choose from and was well-priced so I got mine there.

4 Wireless bra
$16.95 CAD at Winners for Calvin Klein’s Perfectly Fit Wireless Contour Bra; $42.00 at Hudson’s Bay for Warner’s Back to Smooth Wirefree Bra

Underwire during pregnancy is the absolute worst. The shape of the wire just cuts into you, and as your breasts get bigger and bigger, it’s just not tolerable anymore. Sadly, not all brands make wireless options that aren’t sports bras or similar squishy shapes. I found that Warner’s had the most underwire options that were still real bras (and not squishy shapes); Triumph had a few too.

Hudson’s Bay is a great place to browse if you want to go the wireless route and aren’t ready to commit to a nursing bra yet (like me!). Keep an eye out for sales; I bought two of the Warner’s Back to Smooth bras for about $30, but they regularly retail at $42 each.

5 Bra extender
$8.99 CAD for a pack of 3 at Thyme Maternity

At one point, my bras started to feel tight and creating marks/bruises under my chest. I thought it was time to get new bras in a bigger size, but upon trying new sizes I found that they weren’t fitting correctly. Turns out I just need to extend the backs of my current bras a bit.

6 René Rofé nighty and gown set
$24.99 CAD at Winners

I usually wear shorts or pajama pants to sleep, but as my stomach got bigger I found it a bit uncomfortable at the waist. Not to mention my PJ tops were “shrinking” and my stomach was starting to pop out from the bottom. I wear only gowns now, and my favourite is this 2-piece set that you can almost always find at any Winners, in many different patterns. The material is silky soft but also stretchy, and the top part of the nighty has a bit of support for your chest.

If you have any wardrobe staples that we need to know about, share them in the Comments below!

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