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I’m back from Hawaii, and I can’t stop gushing about it. Jon and I spent 10 days between Maui and Oahu, and it was one of the best holidays of my life. I give both islands two thumbs up for being a great place to go for those who are pregnant.

I prepared as much as I could before going on this trip to make sure I was going to be comfortable, and advise you to do the same! Here are some of my tips for vacationing while pregnant, and if you want to read about my flying tips, go here.

Share a suitcase

When you’re pregnant, you shouldn’t be lifting heavy things. Jon and I decided to share one larger suitcase instead of our usual individual suitcases so that I wouldn’t have to haul my own luggage. I’m actually super lucky because my husband wouldn’t let me carry anything other than my purse during the entire trip.


If you’re headed to a sunny destination, you will definitely need some strong SPF. When you’re pregnant, your skin already has a tendency to darken thanks to those crazy hormones. Adding sun to the mix will just enhance/create that linea nigra on your stomach, chloasma on your face (better known as the “mask of pregnancy”), etc. Also, skin cancer is not cool.

Maxi dresses

In addition to sunscreen, you will love maxi dresses if you’re going somewhere hot. It was great because I could dress it up at night, but also wear it over a bathing suit in the day. Not to mention they are super comfortable.


Restrooms during pregnancy are ranked at the top of “important things in life right now” list. As I mentioned in the air travel post, I went to the washroom seven times on a 5-hour flight, so this is no joke. If you are planning to go to a remote place that’s off the grid, you may want to make sure that restrooms are easily accessible for you.

(For anyone who is thinking of going to Hawaii: Oahu is a popular gateway to the islands, and metropolitan Honolulu has a modern infrastructure, so finding a restroom while in Honolulu or Waikiki is no problem. Driving along the north shore was a bit harder, but there were still a few public washrooms on the different beaches. Surprisingly, on Maui, an island with about 10% the population of Honolulu, I never had a problem finding a restroom either. Whether we were 10,000 feet up on Haleakala or by the jungles on the Road to Hana, there are public washrooms everywhere (okay, many of them were port-a-potties, but when you’re desperate you have no choice).

Don’t overdo it

We originally considered visiting the Big Island because we were interested in hiking, volcanoes and doing more adventurous things. Looking back, I’m thankful we decided to go to Oahu instead, because some things actually ended up being a bit more challenging for me. I ran out of breath faster and needed to stop and rest a lot when out hiking.

Swimming can bring on sneaky fatigue—don’t spend too much time in the water at once, especially if you’re swimming or snorkelling and not just wading/playing.

Be aware of what you can/can’t eat

By the second trimester we generally know what we can and can’t/shouldn’t eat, but if you go to a new country you may be unfamiliar with their cuisine. Read up on it before you leave. I read beforehand that I shouldn’t eat any poke while in Hawaii… it was pretty sad.

Keep snacks with you

Pregnancy hunger can sneak up on you out of nowhere, so being prepared before stepping out of your hotel/apartment/tent with some healthy snacks in your bag is a smart thing to do. Always have water with you, too.

Take it all in

Honestly, the overall pregnancy travel experience is not that different from traveling at any other time in your life, but some of these pointers will make things a little easier. Have an amazing time. People love pregnant mamas, so when you get special treatment, take it in!

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