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If there was one thing I really wanted for myself during this pregnancy, it was one last big holiday for just Jon and I (I cringe when I hear the word “babymoon’, so I prefer to call it a holiday).

I’m sure you’ve read this everywhere, but the best time to travel really is during your second trimester. Anywhere between weeks 16-26 should be golden – as long as you don’t have continued morning sickness, nausea, or other health issues where flying or being far away from your health care provider is a bad idea. I flew at 24 weeks, from Toronto to Hawaii with 1 stopover in San Francisco. It was completely uneventful and pretty comfy, so let me share with you some pointers that really helped my air travel.

Choose your destination wisely

There were a few things on my list when choosing our holiday destination:

  • a good healthcare system that will be accessible in case anything happens
  • a place where English is widely spoken so there are no chances of language barriers
  • clean drinking water
  • exotic, but not exotic to the point that I would need vaccinations or special preparation

Get travel insurance

We don’t typically get travel insurance, but this time we went all out and got the most deluxe package we could. It was around $250 CAD for the two of us.

Trip cancellation

Things are unpredictable during pregnancy and you may need to cancel at the last minute.

Health coverage

Check to see when the insurance will cover you until. My insurance covered women up to 32 weeks, but all companies are different. Health-wise, it covered pretty much all emergency procedures, but did not cover any routine things like check-ups.

One of the most-asked questions from other moms is whether their babies would be insured if they gave birth early. Our insurance did not, and from my understanding, travel medical insurance cannot provide coverage for someone who isn’t named on the insurance at the time of purchase.  There was a Canadian couple in 2014 who learned this the hard way.

Plan your flight well

Don’t spend too much time on the plane at once

There are non-stop flights from Toronto to Honolulu which, on any other day, we would have booked. But at 24 weeks pregnant, it wasn’t a good idea to be on a plane for 10+ hours straight. Instead, we chose to have a stopover at the midway point. We flew Toronto > San Francisco (5 hours), had a 2 hour layover, then flew San Francisco > Maui (5.5 hours). It was the perfect length of time to be on a plane, with a small break in between where I could stretch out more and just relax.

Choose an aisle seat

In a 5-hour flight, I went to the washroom–I kid you not–7 times. I would also do lots of stretches every time I got up.

Stay hydrated

Buy the biggest bottle of water you can (after going past security!). They serve water on the plane, but you have to always ask the flight attendants and they come in little cups, so a bottle to yourself helps. This is also why I went to the washroom 7 times.

Wear compression stockings

These were awesome. They are not as uncomfortable as you think they’d be, though you have to make sure they fit you well and they don’t gather too much at your ankles. I had zero swelling coming off all flights!

I borrowed my pair from a friend, but you can purchase them here.

Dress comfortably

This is common sense, but put some thought into what you’re going to wear on the plane. I’d been wearing leggings a lot during pregnancy, but the leggings did not work with the compression stockings as they were both tight fits. So I wore baggy jogging pants over the compression stockings. Shoes that are easy to slip on and off are good too. I also wore a tight top so that other passengers (and airport staff) could tell that I was obviously pregnant—people are so much nicer to you when they see your baby bump!

Ask the airline for extras

This didn’t work for me at all—perhaps it was because we were traveling during the high season—but it never hurts to ask the airline staff at the counter or the gate if there is a chance for seat upgrades.


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